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The Public Procurement, as Project, is coo-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget,
under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013,
Project No. POIG.02.01.00-12-213/09
/National Research Centre for Electromagnetic Radiation/
Priority 2. Infrastructure of area B+R
Operation 2.1. Development of centres of high research potential

Krakow, 24th September 2014

To all interested parts:

Concerns: tender procedure from the branch of science, conducted as a procedure to issue a call for tenders, pursuant to the regulations under the Act of 30th April 2010 regarding the rules of the science financing (Polish Journal of Laws of 2010, no 96, item 615, as amended) and the Act of 23th April 1964 - Civil Code (Polish Journal of Laws of 2014, item 121 as amended). The goal of the procedure is selection of a Contractor for the design, delivery and installation of the platform for the end station at the bending magnet beamline under the project of the National Electromagnetic Radiation Center for research purposes (phase I) co-financed by the EU within Innovative Economy Operational Program for CPS UJ in Krakow.


Dear Sir or Madam,
Jagiellonian University hereby present questions to the context of the Specification regarding above mentioned subject of delivery, and given answers.
Question 1: Are there any space constraints other than the 300 mm height constraint?
Answer 1: In front of the platform will be situated diagnostic vacuum chamber with the support. The centre of the chamber will be approximately 40-45cm upstream of the platform. For a moment we do not have design for it but it will not be big chamber (approximately 200mm diameter). We require to have access to the end station located on the top of the platform from the side and used compact solution for the platform if possible.
Question 2: How critical is the 300 mm height constraint? The required load capacity combined with the height restriction is the main challenge for this project. I am confident we can work within these constraints very successfully, but I am curious if there is any wiggle room with this.
Answer 2: The value is determined from the height of the end station itself and the synchrotron beam level. We will install on top the PEEM microscope for which the distance from the floor to the beam input window is 1020mm. The PEEM support allows for small rough vertical adjustment, total stroke ~60mm but adjustment is performed mainly up and amount to -10mm : +50mm. The synchrotron beam height is 1320mm above nominal floor level. It means that we have 300mm for the platform as a complete unit in vertical direction in the middle of the platform stroke to be able to position and align PEEM microscope respect to the beam. We have performed rough measurements for the floor flatness and it amount to +/- 5mm. Taking into account all above the 300mm height constrains should be assumed +/- 5mm.
Question 3: What is going to be mounted on top of this system? And is the weight going to be centered on the moving platform?
Answer 3: We plan to mount the PEEM microscope but in the future the platform has to be able to handle also other heavier microscope. That is why required load capacity is 1500kg.
The end station is supported on 4-leg support but the weight of the vacuum system is not symmetrically distributed and the centre of gravity would be shifted towards the source (roughly 20-25cm).
Question 4: How is this system going to be mounted to the floor?
Answer 4: We do not force the Contractor for the platform mounting system.The Contractor has to choose platform mounting system appropriate to the proposed solution and fulfilled specification requirements. We demand to install/mount the platform by Contractor in Solaris.

The Purchaser also informs that foregoing questions and answers regarding the Specification, are its integral part. Due to the scope and characteristic thereof and the date of announcement of the answers, there is no need to postpone the deadline for submission of the bids. Therefore the Purchaser underline that deadlines (including ours and place) for submission of the offer and its opening remain unchanged.

Yours faithfully,

Wojciech Kochan

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2. Jagiellonian University Procurement Office website.
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